Concussion Center at NYU Langone

The Concussion Center was established to provide comprehensive care for patients with concussions. Concussion is complex and a growing area of concern, as the incidence in youth and professional sports rises and new understanding of its impacts emerge. Both the immediate and long-term effects of concussion can impair a person’s cognitive abilities (activities such as using language, reasoning, and remembering), as well his or her neurological, psychological, and physical health. An experienced, multidisciplinary team is required to effectively diagnose, treat, and manage concussive injuries.

The Center is led by nationally recognized physicians, all experts in the diagnosis and treatment of concussion. Our team of experts includes adult and pediatric neurologists and physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, neurosurgeons, sports medicine physicians, emergency medicine physicians, nurses, neuropsychologists, physical and occupational therapists, and neuroradiologists. By bringing together clinicians in these areas to work as a team, we are able to offer each patient a personalized treatment plan that best meets his or her needs.

Concussion referral specialists ensure that patients are seen in a timely manner and are able to match you with the appropriate physician for your situation. Our dedicated Program Manager facilitates seamless, efficient, and patient-focused delivery of care.

Our experts are also committed to decreasing the incidence of concussive disorders through ongoing education and research. Learn more about the Concussion Center at NYU Langone.

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